What We Do Best

  • Unlike the Big Corporate labs we work together with you to help you get through any problem that may come up. 
  • By doing Pre-compliance testing with us you can save lots of time and money when it comes time for the final testing
  • We specialize in finding and fixing the source of the EMI, not just adding band-aids
  • Your success is our success, this is how we’ve stayed in business for the past 18 years with virtually no Marketing, word of mouth from Engineer to Engineer has been our success. 
  • FDA Pre-compliance testing – work out the bugs here first – save time to market and money
  • Think of us as an extension of your Engineering Development lab. Test plan, regulation research, similar product research, all are included when we work with you on a project
  • Large selection of in-house components and emi related products such as conductive foam, ac line filters, conductive spray, surface mount ferrites, tvs components for esd, surface mount caps, resistors, a good microscope and a metcal soldering iron.
  • We can review your Mechanical design, circuit board layout, schematics, even software functionality to provide input to help you pass. Many EMI issues we work with are solved with software modifications alone! 

We're pretty good at these things too

Low cost testing - Quick turn around

Since we have two fully calibrated chambers and two parallel test stations for all tests we can usually get you in the lab within a week or so. If you have an emergency we can get you in within a day or two.
Our quotes consistently come in 20% to 50% under what the big chain labs charge. For radiated emissions mitigation we are 50% to 75% less than other labs since we charge less per hour and 1/4 the time per scan. We don't charge extra for Engineering design advice.

If you make a change we can help verify compliance without retesting the entire project

Minor changes to a design usually don't require a full retest.
We can work with your Engineers to decide which tests should be rechecked to verify continued compliance. This approach saves time and money. If a Notified Body needs to be involved we will advise you of that requirement.

Self-declare FCC and CE mark

It's easier to Self-declare in the U.S. since the FCC passed the new Suppliers Declaration of Conformity rules. Under the new SDoC rules, the FCC removed the requirements for lab certification for virtually all products - except for intentional radiators. This means any well qualified lab or manufacturer can take their own data - add label and user guide statements -declare that they meet the FCC requirements and ship the product.
This has been the CE model for a long time. Most products for Europe can use the Self-declare process. We help you understand the requirements, help you do a test plan, complete the testing and help you construct a "Declaration of Conformity" document that you use to ship the product into the EU. We also advise and guide you through the rest of the documentation requirements as well. We become a part of your Team.

Mail in your product and we will take care of it for you

We work with many out of state clients. They find out that it's faster and more cost effective to mail their product to us rather than work with a closer lab that doesn't have the quick chambers or the Mitigation experience to help them as quick as we can. Some Engineers even fly here and work with us. They find out that we can accomplish in a few days what may take months using some of the Big Corporate labs.

We will help you set up a bench top correlation to our lab

Since our business model has always been to help Engineers pass the testing, we help you set up a bench top test setup that can correlate to our data. We will show you how to use and or build a near field probe to find the signals we are seeing so you can do bench top experiments that are easier to do at your place. After a few visits most guys we work with are able to find and correlate the signals we see to the signals they see on their bench top. One customer we work with got so good at correlating his near field probe data that he could predict passing or failing based on the probe results. We are always happy to give advice on how to rent equipment and how to run testing if it makes more sense to do some of the testing at your facility. The test data can be combined into one report to show compliance to a standard.

Self-declare FCC

We're offering this low cost way to show compliance with the FCC regulations because we want everyone who has an idea for a project to be able to afford FCC testing. This price includes either a couple of scans from 30-1000 MHz, or a full sweep from 30 MHz to 6 GHz (the high end for the CE Mark) plus AC power conducted emissions data. If you pass you can use this data to prove FCC compliance. You can have us write a report for $800 or we will give you a sample test report and you can write your own report and save some money. Even if you fail we will do some investigation and let you know what needs to be done to pass. If it's a matter of adding a simple ferrite or two or changing to a better cable, we'll do that free as part of this service. We can afford to do this because either one of our two chambers are so fast (about 20-30 minutes per sweep) and conducted emissions is about an hour or less.

We can help you with...

FCC and CE Mark Pre-Compliance and Full Certification - Test Reports / Documentation
Design Mitigation
FDA Pre-Compliance Testing
Test Engineering Changes
EMI Design Reviews
Radio - WiFi - Blutooth testing
Help you set up a bench top setup
Mil-Standard troubleshooting

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