EMI Test Lab
FCC - CE Mark Certification
Design mitigation and Pre-compliance

We are a Veteran and Female Minority owned Engineering testing and design consulting Lab.

We're different from the other labs you've been to. We are more of an extension of your Engineering lab to work WITH YOU to get through the FCC, CE and the FDA.

We have 30 + years of EMI design and testing expertise to not only test but help you with any issues on the spot. We have in-house tools and components to re-design and fix the issues quickly.

Many of our clients mail in their products from out of state and we handle all the testing and design mods for them.

Don't be fooled, we have our own chambers and lab. We are not just a "middle man".

We charge $1,500 for a half day or $3,000 for a full day.

We accept credit cards!

Lab Tour - text summary

Hi Guys, I’m Dennis. I started the lab 20 years ago to help design Engineers get through the FCC and CE mark process.

Before we started the lab I worked for a couple of fortune 500 companies and a couple of the big corporate test labs. I saw that when Engineers failed the tests the labs would give little to no support to help them redesign so they could pass. Most labs would have some high priced consultant that they would refer people to. Then the cost would sky rocket because now they would pay for the lab and the consultant. This could be easily over 5-6-7 hundred dollars an hour. I saw some projects last months and months just because the Engineer had little to no support from the labs. I started asking the guys I worked with if there was a fully equipped lab that specialized in mitigation and troubleshooting  would they use it and all Engineers that I asked said YES! So we started the lab to help Design Guys. Since most of my experience over the past 33 years has been in the lab learning hands on how to re-design equipment to pass EMI standards we have a unique set of skills that you rarely find in any of the test labs.

That being said let’s take a look around the lab and see what tools we have available…

(For the full text and Video go to the Lab Tour Page, click the link below)

We have lots of experience with these types of projects

  • Scientific Lab and Measuring Equipment that needs the CE Mark – EN 61326-1:2013
  • FDA Pre-Compliance and Full Compliance for some Class II devices for IEC 60601-1-2:2014 4th Edition…                    work out the Design issues early!
  • Robotics – For Industrial and Home Use
  • 3D Printers – tons of work with Lulzbot and other guys
  • Home Consumer products – large volume products – every penny counts!
  • Voting Machines – Pre-Compliance and Design Mitigation – we have the expertise to solve the Design issues
  • Audio Equipment – Home and Professional Use
  • ITE – Information Technology Equipment – FCC and CE Self-Declare
  • LED Lighting Products
  • Failing at other labs and it doesn’t make sense? We have helped many Engineers figure out what the other lab did wrong
  • Pre-compliance for any standard – why wait for the last minute to find out if your product can pass?
  • Mail In Projects – Mail your equipment to us and we can take care of it for you

Our clients say

"EMI test lab was an NREL and Google Partner that assisted with the
Google "Little Box Challenge". Our FCC data predicted the million dollar winner!!

" I wholeheartedly recommend EMI Test Lab LLC. I have worked with Dennis King for over 20 years and the test lab has the expert experience, qualifications, and skills regarding EMI testing and mitigation."

Joan Legerski - Product Compliance and Test Engineer

" I have been a customer of EMI Test Lab for over a decade. Dennis' expetise and willingness to jump in and help compliance teams is a real advantage in finalizing product design and making it ready for market. I have called on Dennis numerous times in those many years and each time he was able to help us come to a solution for intractable EMC problems. I certainly recommend him for both routine and for "last ditch" product compliance efforts."

Ed Smith - US Global Services Director at Smartmatic
(Voting Machines)
“EMI Test Lab is a priceless resource! We have worked with them on numerous occasions and greatly appreciate the professional, knowledgeable, and collaborative environment. The test chambers have excellent accuracy with test reports that are straightforward and easy to decipher. The fully equipped rework test bench allows for productive, real-time experiments and troubleshooting. If you want to know where your product stands prior to spending the time and money at the expensive certification labs, let EMI Test Labs pre-scan your product. Whether you’re headed to the Accredited test lab or want to self-certify utilize their experience and collaborative environment to give you confidence in your product performance.”

Allison Saldana - Project Director & Co-Founder
Andreas Gluck - Technical Director & Co-Founder

Dennis King has broad and in depth understanding of EMC test requirements, EMC problem solving techniques, and EMC calibration with automated test.  Dennis and I have worked on projects in his lab ranging from High speed Data Comm to High Volume Consumer products investigating EMC criterion and performance across the spectrum.  I always like to visit with Dennis when I have an RF issue with a product, need a quick or formal EMC test evaluation, or review of a technical EMC standard to help me better understand. 

Dennis is my goto guy in the front range for EMC testing and I recommend him to help you develop your product to best EMC performance.  If you have an EMC issue or just need quick accurate test results, give Dennis a call. Sincerely,

John Fiers - Sr. EE Waterpik.


" Over the years, we have worked with many labs but EMI Test Lab is hands down the best! Their staff is always professional and friendly, their testing services are highly cost-effective and, should problems arise, their debugging and troubleshooting skills are invaluable. Highly recommended!"

David Mosberger - President - eGauge Systems LLC

" We have worked with EMI Test Lab for CE testing for the last 7 years. What I like is:
• EMI has a strong background in the rules and regulations

• They clearly define the requirements for each test, review your design prior to the test and define areas of potential risk

• They have design experience on what is needed to pass a test. They also have components on hand to prototype with and test with. Their goal is to help you pass the test and help you understand why you are failing a test

• EMI monitors the standards and will notify you if your product needs any updates for CE In general, we have learned a lot from working with EMI, and my new designs utilize information that was gained from working with EMI.

Working with EMI has saved us time and we have always passed the CE testing with minor changes to the design."

Bill Nelms - Engineer - Kaman Precision Products
“The EMC lab staff conduct affective accelerated testing to produce timely results. They have also been eager to help resolve any issues identified during the testing process. Great staff to work with!

Blaine Hansen - Sr. Electrical Engineer

FCC and CE Mark made simple

The big labs are good at taking data and passing or failing you – with a lot of baloney in between – we will help you bypass the nonsense and get it done, quickly and at a good price. You will learn how to apply EMI Design technology and use it on your next project so it becomes easier and easier over time.